‪As many of you who have been following for a while already know, I’ve spent much of the last two or three years in a state of angry lament, or maybe lamentful anger. The source of my frustration has been the realization and then continual reminder that much of American Christianity has been co-opted by Republicanism and corrupted by an idolatrous embrace of nationalism and civil religion. While I believe the anger was justified and even helpful for a season, perpetual anger is not profitable for anyone.

Coming to Terms

Acceptance is part of the grieving process. I am coming to terms with the reality that American Christianity has been largely co-opted and corrupted. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like it, but I am learning to accept that it is the current reality and that continually raging against it won’t change it. 

Accepting Reality, Not Defeat

Coming to terms with reality, I hope, will give me room me to rethink my approach and engage less reactively and more strategically, constructively, and productively. In short, my goal for 2019 is to make a posture shift from angry prophet to patient evangelist.‬

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